Jamaica and another cup of tea

map of

Map of Jamaica - 18th century

So . . . I am planning on finishing  The Pirate’s Boy by the end of January. I have less than a third to go and am looking forward to writing a great big ending with lots of heroism, dastardly deeds and general swashbucklery. Today I scuppered my pirate’s ship, which was sad but in retrospect had to be done. I also spent some time looking at flights to Kingston – I want to go. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford it to research the next one, if there is another one. It looks so beautiful. Today I wrote about 1500 words and decided to stop. At this rate a first draft by the end of Jan seems feasible. My daughter told me she wants to be a writer when she grows up, ‘so I can sit around and drink tea all day.’ Yea right.

tea cup

My working day

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2 thoughts on “Jamaica and another cup of tea

  1. Miranda France on said:

    It’s a very beautiful cup, though, Beatrice. I can imagine it would inspire you

    M xx

  2. A lovely teacup. Where can I get one?


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